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Ateliers créatifs


Workshops 2023
 Teens and / or adults.

 Family day, parents and children .
Let's celebrate creativity.



Your first step into the world of natural

homemade plant-based watercolour

For Teens and adults.

Sunday 5 November

From 10:30 to 15:30

45 €

For Family days. 

Sunday 12 November           

From 10:30 to 13:30

35€ 1 child + 1 adult  ( extra child or participating adult + 7 € )

Art supplies included + a good taste of healthy delicious creative organic snacks and drinks made from our land produce.

Subscription by email:

Be creative and playful by learning how to make naturals pigments and beautiful colours from plants.

Identify specific plants and vegetables to use, collect on the land.

Experiment with " tatakizome " to print direct to fabric.

Use eggs to create a " tempera ", washable painting on wood.

Transform plants into watercolor, gouache, pigments, and learn different ways to play with them with children.

Create your own color chart + free experiments on watercolor paper like little books...

   Mameflore garden                          

   Quinta do Barrudo

   Sitio do barrudo

   Vila do Bispo                               

    3 mn walk from the Zigzag café / mercado                                


Mameflore's garden project. A connection with nature and creativity. 

Come, learn and share experiences with us.

To chose to come to us you contribute to make the world greener. Obrigada, merci beaucoup. 

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